All our articles are accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity" which certifies the hand-made manufacture in Italy, in the Venetian area, using Murano glass and respecting the rules of the ancient technique of the Murano glass masters.

Venice Arte® creates lighting projects for: international architecture studios and interior designers in order to satisfy contracts for hotels, restaurants, churches, villas and other important structures. Professionalism and experience at the service of the needs of our customers.

Lighting for hotels, restaurants, churches, villas and other structures
Venice Arte® provides a service dedicated to the development and implementation of contract projects for our customers (architects, interior designers, etc…) who will be followed step by step in the realization of their projects.

Skill, Reliability, Creativity
Our master glassmakers, experts in the use of the ancient Murano glass technique, are skilled and imaginative and solve all the requests and difficulties of the requested projects, they are creative and imaginative therefore they create custom-made unique chandeliers, and not only, even large ones , respecting projects and the final environment.
In more than 20 years of experience in this work we have carried out projects all over the world that represent essential and fundamental characteristics:

  1. Excellence of the material (Murano glass), resolution of the aesthetic and lighting needs of the environmen
  2. Extreme and authentic quality in the creation and control of the customized product, with the utmost attention to detail
  3. Handcrafting unique Made in Italy, Made in Venice items of authentic quality.