Terms and conditions

Lacks and behind orders

Not all our items are in stock, so sometimes occur failings. We will charge for buying the item when it is in production list and you will be notified by email. If there are delays in production, you will be notified within 1 week of receipt of order. Since all our chandeliers are handmade on Customer's order, we need about 35/40 days to do the goods.

Order Problems

If you have problems with your order, or receive damaged goods, in error or missing, send us an email to info@venicearte.com.All of our shipments are insured 100%. We recommend that you check the goods upon receipt and, if you find any damage caused by transport, to tell us what happened within 3 days via email or fax. After this period we will not refund and / or send replacement parts.

Technical problems

If you have connection problems or are unable to process your order, make sure you have javascript and cookies enabled and that the browser is the latest version. If you still have problems please contact us.

About the product

If you need more information about any product, please feel free to contact our Customer Care at +39 3381375676, we will be happy to assist you. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Given that all our items are handmade "to measure" and "personalised" according to the customer's order, therefore not resalable to other consumers, we cannot return the goods produced without prior agreement and authorization with our administrative office and in any case within 14 days from the delivery date. We guarantee your satisfaction with our products, the handwork guarantee is included with most products.


Customs fees are different for each destination country and will be charged to the customer.

EU VAT rates

All orders from European Union countries will be charged the VAT% (Value Added Tax) of the respective country both on merchandise and transport. The companies holders of European VAT will be exempt from this fee by inserting your own number in the appropriate box at the order. All orders outside the European Union will not be VAT taxed.

This is the list of the VAT rates applied for every country:

Austria 20,00%

Belgium 21,00%

Bulgaria 20,00%

Croazia 25,00%

Cyprus 19.00%

Czech 21,00%

Denmark 25,00%

Estonia 20,00%

Finland 24,00%

France 20,00%

Germany 19.00%

Greece 24,00%

Hungary 27,00%

Ireland 23,00%

Italy 22,00%

Latvia 21,00%

Lithuania 21,00%

Luxemburg 17,00%

Malta 18,00%

Monaco 20,00%

Netherlands 21,00%

Poland 23,00%

Portugal 23,00%

Romania 19.00%

Slovakia 20,00%

Slovenia 22,00%

Spain 21,00%

Sweden 25,00%