F.a.Q. - frequently asked questions

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide via FedEx courier, and our shipments are 100% insured, in case of any component breakage, they will be resent for free asap.

What should I do if I get some broken components?

When the courier delivers the package:
a- check immediately if the packaging is damaged from the outside,
b- open the box in front of the courier and check the product that everything is ok,
c- when you sign the delivery document, always declare "Accepted with reserve",
d- take some pictures of the packaging and the broken pieces,
e- send photos by e-mail to mail@venicearte.com with your order number.
You will be contacted as soon as possible.

What type of packaging do you use to protect your Murano chandeliers and other glass items so that they do not suffer damage during transport?

VeniceArte is always very attentive to the methods and products used for packaging. All parts of our Murano glass chandeliers are packed in cardboard trays covered with nylon film and vacuum packed. They are then placed in cardboard boxes with polystyrene. Then, for luxury items, the boxes are placed in a wooden crate with pallets or directly in pallets to ensure total safety from impact during transport.

Are customs duties included in the shipping costs?

NO. Import taxes are charged to the customer when required by the relevant customs. The customs clearance service is fully managed by FedEx, which takes care of the documentation and import/export regulations.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times are different between the various articles, this depends on the type of finish of the article itself. All our products are handmade on a specific customer order, for this reason we normally need 25/30 days, from order to shipment, times necessary to guarantee the highest quality.

How can I track my order?

When the goods are ready for shipment we will send you an email with the shipment tracking code.

How to distinguish a Murano glass chandelier from a similar but mass-produced item?

It may be difficult for an inexperienced buyer to distinguish an artisanal chandelier from an industrial one, but there are some peculiarities that will help to understand the difference. The Murano chandeliers handmade by our Masters show some imperfections that are not defects, but particular enhancements of the quality of the work done by hand and not by machine.

How do you clean a Murano glass chandelier?

Our Venetian chandeliers must be cleaned with a damp cloth and possibly with the addition of a mild detergent. To remove the light layer of dust, use the air from a hair dryer.

What guarantee do you give to your products?

Since the purchase of a chandelier or a Murano glass item, or a Venetian mirror, is not only a product to furnish your home but also an investment for the future, our guarantees are unlimited over time.
1 - certificate of guarantee of a work done entirely by hand with ancient methods and by the most distinguished Masters of Murano, the artisan homeland of glass: Made in Italy, Venice.
2 - free replacement guarantee if some components break during transport.
3 - even after many years, our Masters are able to reproduce almost exactly, because they are handmade, a component of any chandelier that unfortunately may have broken.
4 - we guarantee that all gold decorations are 24K.
5 - upon request and for the countries for which it is necessary, we provide the Certificate of Authenticity of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

What types of payments do you accept?

a- all credit cards, including American Express
b- bank transfer.

How much does it cost to prepare wiring for 110V electricity (United States)?

the wiring is totally free, simply specify "US wiring" 110V in the order.

How is a Murano glass chandelier assembled?

Assembling and mounting a Murano chandelier is very easy:
The central body arrives already assembled, it will have to be fixed to the ceiling and hooked with the supplied chain,
insert the arms with the lights, paying attention to the balance of the chandelier itself (one arm to the right and one to the left and so on)
connect the electrical system
and finally close with the glass bottom and the end cap.
In any case, we attach an assembly diagram or you can download it directly from our site.