Aurora - Murano glass chandelier

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Aurora - Murano glass chandelier
Aurora - Murano glass chandelier
Aurora - Murano glass chandelier
Aurora - Murano glass chandelier
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The Aurora Murano glass Rezzonico Chandelier features a harmonious fusion of vibrant colors, creating a stunning visual symphony that captures the essence of ancien luxury.


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Introducing the Aurora Murano glass Rezzonico Chandelier, a captivating blend of timeless elegance and contemporary artistry. This exquisite lighting masterpiece is crafted in the renowned Murano glassmaking tradition, where each piece is meticulously hand-blown by skilled artisans. The chandelier's intricate design showcases the delicate art of glass manipulation, with graceful arms extending outward and supporting an array of meticulously shaped glass elements. With its captivating play of light and color, this chandelier becomes a focal point in any space, casting a warm and inviting glow that transforms the ambiance. Whether suspended in a grand foyer, above a dining table, or in a luxurious living room, the Aurora Murano glass Rezzonico Chandelier is a testament to the enduring beauty of Murano glass craftsmanship and a striking expression of contemporary sophistication. Elevate your space with this extraordinary piece that seamlessly marries tradition with a bold, ancien aesthetic.

Chandelier 12 lights
cm. Ø 88 x 110 H.
Inches Ø 34 x 43 H.

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