Maria Theresa 

Maria Theresa

Soft and sinuous curves in these chandeliers, enriched with details in Murano and Asfour glass. Elegant and graceful as butterflies to decorate your home with a precious touch.

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  • 1 852,00 €

    Brass chandeliers with their main characteristics: the splendor and opulence.

  • 3 420,00 €

    As in a theater where the silence and admiration turns to the actors these chandeliers are surprising for their beauty.

  • 5 990,00 €

    Oldest forms of crystal, shiny and bright, reminiscent of the Viennese imperial glories.

  • 12 300,00 €

    The style, the charm and splendor of the Viennese tradition come alive in these magnificent chandeliers

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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