Golden leaves - Murano glass chandelier

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Golden leaves - Murano glass chandelier
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This visual Venetian ceiling lamp has been hand-worked with the greatest hand-blown silica gel glass from the widely known island of Murano.
Specify in the order whether gold leaves or silver leaves


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This nice Venetian glass ceiling lamp presents a brand new innovative approach with timeless beauty and unsurpassed craftsmanship. This is the piece that will enhance your interior and personalize your style. It features gold shades, hand made design. This Venetian ceiling lamp is made of genuine Venetian glass from the island of Murano by highly talented artists who provide an innovative approach to each piece of artwork.

Wall Sconce 2 Lights, 11 Leaves
cm. Ø 50 x 65 H.
Inches Ø 20 x 34 H.

Wall Sconce 5 Lights, 24 Leaves
cm. Ø 50 x 85 H.
Inches Ø 20 x 26 H.

Chandelier 6 Lights, 24 Leaves
cm. Ø 90 x 90 H.
Inches Ø 36 x 36 H.

Chandelier 12 Lights, 84 Leaves
cm. Ø 120 x 115 H.
Inches Ø 47 x 45 H.

Chandelier 18 Lights 2 Tiers 12+6, 110 Leaves
cm. Ø 110 x 105 H.
Inches Ø 43 x 41 H.

Chandelier 24 Lights 3 Tiers 12+6+6, 154 Leaves
cm. Ø 165 x 100 H.
Inches Ø 65 x 40 H.

Oval Chandelier 70 Lights
cm. Ø 250 x 150 x 250 H.
Inches Ø 99 x 60 x 99 H.

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